September 1, 2012

Michael Levine Fabric Shopping

 Hi Everyone,
The girls and I are eagerly awaiting the up-coming twenties festival and realized that we need to put some pep in our step if we are going to make our outfits. We could have gone to our local craft/fabric store but this is a specific occasion. This called for the Fabric District in LA. On every corner you see a sale sign on fabric, lace, ribbon, etc. This is not an area for the faint of heart-it can be truly overwhelming or like me, you are a kid in the candy store and will spend your entire budget on fabric.

 For this trip we decided to visit our favorite store, Michael Levine, Inc Retail Outlet and Fabric Mega Store  920 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90015. This store even has a calendar of specials for the month and a $1.00, $1.50 mark down section. So we decided we to park in the lot next door that validates for one hour if you spend $20 in the store. Could we go in find great fabric for our twenties festival at great deals all in one hour? Are we crazy?!

  We looked at the selection and immediately found great prints but not necessarily prints for 1920s frocks. Keep looking girls, we are already in 15min on the clock.!

50% off 12.00 yard.

$1yrd, $1.50 yard section Vera, can you find anything that is frock worthy?

Very cool prints (laminated fabric)

These could make a cute lunch bag....wait, stay focused we only have 20min left.

We found them (with 10 min to spare), gave them to the girl to cut and payed. We were done!

Mission accomplished! Great Deals and Free parking all in 1hr. It can be done!



  1. nice pics! Looks like you guys had a great time in l.a!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I was feeling stressed for you haha. Can't wait to see what you girls come up with!