September 25, 2012

Estate Sale Finds from A Friend

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a good week so far.
I don't know about you, but we haven't been to an estate sale in what feels like an eternity! (Well, no good ones at least.) The ones we've stopped into have been complete duds, with no vintage stuff! And if there was, quite frankly, it was too expensive. I mean, $25 bucks for a vintage coin purse?! Anyway, it was nice to know that at least someone found some amazing items!

Our lovely friend Leah found these awesome bags at an estate sale and snatched them for us (thanks Leah)!

This one is really neat. By the look of the label I'd date from the 1970's. It's design is a throw-back look to the 1940's, since I've seen bags almost identical to this. It is made out of straw with a zipper at the top, and its half-circle shape definitely makes me excited to wear it!

This hot pink straw envelope bag is so cool! I really like it and I'm usually not a person drawn to pink. It's sturdy and is a great pop of color. I looked up the tag and didn't find anything about it, but my guess is its from the 60's.

The only words I have for this bag is LOVE IT. This hard shell circle bag (with a flat bottom) is something we've always wanted (especially Viola)!! It has a fun paisley interior too!

Find any cool things at any estate sales or yard sales lately??

Sincerely, Vera


  1. this skirt is so amazing and of course i like those gorgeous clutchs ...
    last weekend i found 3 straw clutched similar to your bright blue one (mine are rosé, brown and dark blue) ...

  2. Cool, I love straw! Thanks its one of my favorite skirts! :)