September 6, 2012

Ticket to the Twenties Sewing Challenge

Hello and happy September! We're ending the first week of this month with a sewing challenge! These are also the spoils from our 1hr speed shopping at Michael Levines!

The Project: 3 1920's dresses
The Deadline: September 14th 2012
The Patterns: Burda 8072, Vogue 8811, Vouge 8020
Fabric & Embellishments: pink and white striped cotton blend, pink satin ribbon, floral shear and light blue stretch cotton, pink paisley cotton, ivory grossgrain ribbon

Obviously none of the patterns we are using are 1920's or 1920's repros, the goal here is to create a 20's look with modern supplies. Like with any outfit its all about hair, make-up and accessories, this is what will really complete our look.

 Dress One-
When I saw this fabric it reminded me of a dress someone was wearing last year at the 20's festival, so we had to get it! And nothing beats a $1 a yard!
We are going to use view A minus the pocket flaps and add a ribbion sash around the waist.

Dress Two- 
At first I was reluctant to get either of these fabrics, they reminded me of a baby's room, but after draping the fabric on Viola to see if we could envision a dress, I had a change of tune, surprisingly it looked cute . Hopefully it will turn out the way we envision. And each of these were only $1.00 (floral sheer) and a $1.50 (stretchy cotton) a yard!

I know what you're thinking, why is she using a 40's repro pattern for a 1920's dress? Dont worry I have some tricks up my sleeve!

Dress Three-
I loved this fabric the moment I saw it. It has a great feel and sheen to it that you can't see in the photo. We didn't strike out for this one, it was $6.00 a yard which still isn't too shabby!
For this dress we're planning on going off of view D, we'll shorten it and have a sash insted of a roset.

Can't wait to sew these up and post the results!
Sincerely, Vera


  1. How fun! Earlier this year I had planned to make some 20's inspired dresses using patterns from the 90's (they are surprisingly 20's-esque, if you can get past the bad colors and huge puffy sleeves!). Then I got pregnant and sick and tired and ended up not making anything. ;) Your project has inspired me, now that I am feeling more myself! It might be fun to try some 20's-esque maternity fashion...

    Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. I'm glad you were inspired! I understand how you can look past the pattern cover and see the potential ;)

  2. Can't wait to so the results!