September 30, 2012

The Results- Ticket to the 20's Challenge

Two weeks ago we went to the Ticket to the Twenties festival. As showed in the 20's sewing challenge we planned to make a dress each for the event. Did we achieve out goal of three dresses by September 14th?!

We all banned together to finish (including our mother), and we had them all done in time for September 16th. And without further delay here are the results.

Viv, Viola, Vera
Our goal was to create dresses that had an authentic 20's look, while still keeping them simple enough to wear again without looking costumey.

I think, I'm the least happy with the results. They pretty much turned out how I pictured but I wish we could have dressed  more authentic!

the pink ribbon we originally planned on using didn't look quite right so Viola chose brown

And while we're at it, here are some other pictures of the event. On both days it was 100 degrees!

The couple to the left won the costume contest

A nice gentleman let us take a picture in his car!
Hope you enjoyed that!

Sincerely, Vera


  1. Looks super fun, wish I could attend!


  2. All three dresses look beautiful! Sounds like such a fun event. :)