October 24, 2013

A Quick Look at September's Vintage Finds

We'd gone to a few estate sales and thrift stores in September and came home with a few goodies. Too bad none of them had vintage patterns--this was probably for the best because I think we may have V.P.S....Vintage Pattern Syndrome. I don't want to know how many we have....
One of the estate sales we went to was in a really cool 50s-60s house that the owners used as a "party house". It had a blend of mid-century and Japanese decor and many of the items for sale were made in Japan. The owners also had good taste in music, so we bought a bunch of records.
vintage xavier cugat tango records via Brentwood Lane

vintage italian straw purse via Brentwood Lane
This italian purse was only $1!!

vintage italian straw purse via Brentwood Lane
Scuffed with filthy shoelaces...

vintage white nurse shoes via Brentwood Lane
Like new! And those are the same laces by the way...
vintage 50s-60s Bausch and Lomb browline glasses Brentwood Lane
1960s Bausch & Lomb glasses

vintage 50s-60s Bausch and Lomb browline glasses Brentwood Lane

1950s vintage ivory pillbox hat via Brentwood Lane
...Recognize this hat from Instagram?

1960s brown leather driving gloves via Brentwood Lane
Driving gloves!!

1960s brown leather driving gloves via Brentwood Lane

1940s black suede box purse via Brentwood Lane

I geeked out when I saw this purse. I love the box purses of the 1940s-and now I have one!!
1940s black suede box purse interior via Brentwood Lane

vintage gaudy bathroom scale via Brentwood Lane

That's it for September. Happy thrifing!


October 21, 2013

Tell Me...Do You Know Andre?

Many apologies for being terrible about blogging--as you well know, life can get in the way!
But today I am excited to spotlight the Andre Studio Collections, which are available to view online.
Some of you may recognize the site from our links page, whrereas others may already know of this wonderful collection of sketches from 1930-1941. This was part of a project, as the New York Public Library and Special Collections of the FIT Archives put it, to "virtually unite a collection of spectacular quality and historical significance".
When I originally stumbled upon this site, I was thrilled at the orginization of the collection, and quality of the sketches. The collection consists of original, hand-colored and reproduced fashion drawings from Andre Studios, a small desgin company that competed to sell their designs to manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. It's safe to say I was mildly obsessed with it, dreaming of sewing up my own versions of almost everything I clicked on...
To search for something specific is very simple, you can choose to browse their labels/categories or type in the search box. And its easy to share or print 'em out for personal use. You may just click on every one!
 Happy browsing!