February 19, 2013

Tutorial: Easy 1940s Waves

1940s Wave Tutorial Supplies

This is our FIRST tutorial ever so we are very excited and a little nervous. So without further ado, here it is! *We are in need of a new camera so please bear with us as the photos may be a little blurry* 

Here is an easy way to get the look of glamorous waves inspired by the 1940s. This method has been used a lot in adverts--magazines especially. Though the method is not authentic, it is very accessible for the modern girl who desires a simple vintage look. With practice, you can do this fairly quickly. Depending on your hair texture and the amount of hairspray you use, this style should last all day (and in her case two).


*When winding strands, don't hold too tight to avoid dents
*Apply serum before hairspraying finished comb-out
*If sides aren't symmetrical, clip all hair to one side with Bobby Pins
*Don't use a fine-tooth comb to comb out curls--this will take out the definition and it won't stay as long.
 *You can also deepen the creases of the wave by lightly pressing the barrel of your iron into each wave
Vera's hair is naturally straight with bangs...
Start from the nape area and section with the rattail comb (or your fingers) about a 1" thick straight part from ear-to-ear. Clip the rest of hair up out of the way.

Spray this piece of hair evenly. This will be your first curl.
*Our sections are a little larger--use smaller sections for more control*
Using a comb or your fingers to distribute hair spray
 (See Below)

Wind the strand of hair you sprayed around your curling iron. Make sure to wrap each section of hair the same direction each time. This is important-you want all the curls to wave in the same direction.

Once the hair strand is completely wrapped around the iron, hold it at least for 5 seconds so the spray can harden. Depending on the heat and your hair texture, you can decide if you wish to keep it wrapped longer.


Continue curling untill you have a row. Don't worry if you need to make more curls to finish your row.

Bring down a new section of hair for your next row of curls.

Curl the next row like the first. Cleaner partings will make it easier. If the partings aren't perfect-don't worry! Just make sure they are as even as possible.

Vera has a center part and bangs, so we kept it the same. Most girls like to part their hair to the side. If you choose to do this, just continue curling. Your heavier side will have some hair left even though the other side ran out.

Continuing in the same direction wrap your strands. When sectioning, keep the partings the same direction. Going sideways will mess up the finished outcome!
Don't tire out--this top layer should be set well.

Use a wide tooth comb to brush throght and get the crispiness of the spray out. Don't use the fine teeth--this will weaken your set. *If
you used little to no spray, skip this step*

Use a brush with bristles to smooth and blend the curls together.  Natural or natural-blend bristles work best but work with what you have. Brush untill the curls relax into a wave. Take care to not flick the brush out when brushing through. This will frizz the wave and make it harder to blend.

Work the wave with your fingers and smooth with your brush.

If the ends of the wave flip out, use the curling iron to turn the ends under.

If needed, use a pea-drop of serum to smooth flyaways and lightly mist with hairspray.
*You can also deepen the creases of the wave by lightly pressing the barrel of your iron into each wave.*

I hope this tutorial made sense and inspired you. If anyone tries it, feel free to share the results!

February 13, 2013

Favorite of February- Loretta Young

 After dealing with some internet problems we are back into the swing of things here on the blog!
Last month Turner Classic Movies spotlighted the glamorous actress Loretta Young. She was the star of the month. After seeing a handful of her films I was inspired to write up a brief post about her. Hope you enjoy it!

American actress Loretta Young (born Gretchen Michaela Young) was a well loved actress in old Hollywood. Although not consistently mentioned among the well known Hollywood icons such as Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth and Grace Kelly, she was a gem on the Silver Screen.
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After moving to California from Utah, still a toddler, Gretchen (Loretta) received her first bit part in The Only Way (1914). Her mother’s brother-in-law was an assistant director for the film. When Loretta was a teen she again returned to the screen receiving a small role in a 1920s film titled Naughty But Nice.

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 By the 1930's Loretta was considered a successful actress, she starred in many roles often co-starring with big stars like Clark Gable in Call of the Wild.

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Her success continued and reached its height in the 1940's when her usual 30's roles of a "nice girl facing hard times" was shed. In 1947 Loretta was nominated for and won an Oscar for her performance in The Farmer's Daughter, the tale of a farm girl who rises through the ranks and becomes a congresswoman. Later that decade she received another nomination for Come to the Stable (1949), but this one was lost to Olivia de Havilland for her performance in the Heiress. 

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Later, she retired from films in 1953 and began a second, equally successful career as hotess of the "The Loretta Young Show", a half-hour drama anthology series which ran for eight years on NBC.  In addition to hosting the series, she frequently starred in episodes. Although she is most remembered for her stunning gowns and swirling entrances, over the series eight-year run she displayed again and again that she was an accomplished actress. She won Emmy awards for best actress in a dramatic series in 1954, 1956 and 1958.

Loretta Young

Not only was Loretta Young a strong actress but also one with fantastic style. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her performances in her films as well as the costumes!

Sincerely, Vera