March 22, 2012

Color Spotlight: Spring Edition-Yellow

These are a few of the most common words associated with the color yelow. So why not inject it into our wardrobes? A thoroughly vintage color, yellow has been scientifically proven to boost our moods, so don't fight it! It's easy to incorperate it into our everyday style. Here are a few ideas to do just that:
Photo credits:
Bottom right corner My Vintage Vouge
Color blocking- when an outfit is composed of blocks of color, most popular in the 1960's and then  later in the 1980's
Fun Yellow Dress- a classic item in a fun color  
Simple Yellow Suit- easy to find on Etsy
Sunglasses- a must for spring and summer 
Poncho- why not make this your first sewing project?
Home Decor- as a cheap fix, put some yellow flowers in a vase!

March 12, 2012

Skirt Twins

This was an exciting discovery. Last week, as I was reading the book Skirts and more Skirts by Fiora Gandolfim, I stumbled upon this lovely circle skirt:

Italian skirt from 1952

The same day, my sister was looking at some older issues of InStyle Magazine. She found this beautiful spread in the May 2011 issue and wanted to show this pretty skirt to me.

They are almost identical! However, the brown and green colors in the original are grey and seafoam in the modern version. As always, fashion repeats itself!

March 11, 2012


Keep a look out for these posts that are comimg soon: