August 28, 2012

1920's Starlets and Their Styles

Recently, the 1920s has been getting a lot of air time and many are interested in the fashions and styles popular of this decade. Like others, it is branded with a stereotype, being the flapper. Although not completely incorrect, there are sweeping assumptions made about the era. I am going to briefly focus on a few starlets and their iconic looks which provide an example of the diversity of the 20s.

1. Clara Bow- The Mischievous "It" Girl

Her shoes are beyond fabulous!!

Possibly the most popular and well-known actress of the 1920s is Clara Bow. Besides being adorable, Clara had a signature style: fluffy hair, wide eyes, and drooping eyebrows. In keeping with her playful nature as portrayed in her films, her hair was kept short and curly. Her waved or curled fringe was worn to the side(as pictured above) or parted in the center(as pictured below).

Sometimes she wore no fringe at all except for a spit curl!
(pictured below).

Overall, her look had a tousled and carefree element that most other stars did not, adding to a spontaneous-but-still-beautiful look.

2. Louise Brooks- The Edgy Porcelain Doll

Though not the originator of the Bob, Louise Brooks is synonymous with the bobbed flapper of the jazz age. Her severe dark hair, straight brows and lightly lined eyes is a look imitated by many to this day. Her fringe were curved slightly upward at the corners and, as pictured by the two photos below, her fringe were also gently parted creating an almost porcelain-doll appearance.

3. Lillian Gish- The Soft and Feminine Waif

Besides Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish had a youthful, soft and dreamy look of long coiled locks, big innocent eyes and dainty mouth. This look was carried over from the earlier movies-a big contrast to the vampy, exotic makeup of other stars.

Her eyebrows are natural and her skin looks fresh and youthful-appearing as if to have no makeup at all. Her lips are richly defined in an assumed natural color.


Obviously, these are not the only famous iconic stars of the 1920s, but are a few of my favorites. I will definitely spotlight others in the future.


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  1. we just looked at a biography about clara bow today at a library. One of the pics you posted was on the cover of the book! These pics were really awesome to look at!