September 30, 2012

The Results- Ticket to the 20's Challenge

Two weeks ago we went to the Ticket to the Twenties festival. As showed in the 20's sewing challenge we planned to make a dress each for the event. Did we achieve out goal of three dresses by September 14th?!

We all banned together to finish (including our mother), and we had them all done in time for September 16th. And without further delay here are the results.

Viv, Viola, Vera
Our goal was to create dresses that had an authentic 20's look, while still keeping them simple enough to wear again without looking costumey.

I think, I'm the least happy with the results. They pretty much turned out how I pictured but I wish we could have dressed  more authentic!

the pink ribbon we originally planned on using didn't look quite right so Viola chose brown

And while we're at it, here are some other pictures of the event. On both days it was 100 degrees!

The couple to the left won the costume contest

A nice gentleman let us take a picture in his car!
Hope you enjoyed that!

Sincerely, Vera

September 25, 2012

Estate Sale Finds from A Friend

Hello everyone, hope you all are having a good week so far.
I don't know about you, but we haven't been to an estate sale in what feels like an eternity! (Well, no good ones at least.) The ones we've stopped into have been complete duds, with no vintage stuff! And if there was, quite frankly, it was too expensive. I mean, $25 bucks for a vintage coin purse?! Anyway, it was nice to know that at least someone found some amazing items!

Our lovely friend Leah found these awesome bags at an estate sale and snatched them for us (thanks Leah)!

This one is really neat. By the look of the label I'd date from the 1970's. It's design is a throw-back look to the 1940's, since I've seen bags almost identical to this. It is made out of straw with a zipper at the top, and its half-circle shape definitely makes me excited to wear it!

This hot pink straw envelope bag is so cool! I really like it and I'm usually not a person drawn to pink. It's sturdy and is a great pop of color. I looked up the tag and didn't find anything about it, but my guess is its from the 60's.

The only words I have for this bag is LOVE IT. This hard shell circle bag (with a flat bottom) is something we've always wanted (especially Viola)!! It has a fun paisley interior too!

Find any cool things at any estate sales or yard sales lately??

Sincerely, Vera

September 18, 2012

Swiss Dot Summer

My creation:
60s inspired summer dress in floral Swiss Dot fabric
Swiss Dot  is a lightweight cotton fabric mostly used for women's clothes. It is a great choice for breezy summer dresses especially while the weather is still hot! Summer is not officially over until September 22nd!

Quick Facts:
  • Also known as Dotted Swiss
  • First made in Switzerland in 1750.
  • It can be dated by it's dots! (ie. size, arrangement, & application)
  • Used also in bedspreads, curtains, wedding apparel, and baby clothes

 Dress: Made by Me
 Handbag: a Gift
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Earrings: My grandmother's


September 13, 2012

Mint Julip in Paris

A couple months ago Polyvore had a contest, "Designer for a Day", and this was one of Vera's entries. She didn't win but I really liked the outfit she put together!

Mint Julip in Paris

Feel free to follow us on Polyvore as well as here on blogger!


September 9, 2012

"Where's the Pocorn?"

If you went to the theater in the 1920's you would be asking that very question. Ever wonder why the movies instantly equals popcorn? This ingrained tradition is practiced by millions but never given a moment's thought. This raises the question: when did popcorn start being served at movie theaters?
In 1885 the invention of the first portable popcorn machine increased the popularity of popcorn dramatically; vendors saw a money-making opportunity and sold their popcorn outside of the movie theaters. The costumers loved it, but the mess and the smell it left behind irritated the high-class movie theater owners.

Then the 1930's came along, the time of the Great Depression. Many used to flock to the theaters but people were pinching pennies and their trips to the theaters began decrease, leaving them nearly empty. Now theaters competed for audiences, the movies had to become more than just seeing a picture, which only appealed to one of the consumers' five senses. What was going to get people back into the movie theaters? The once annoying popcorn vendors no longer seemed inferior to the big shot theater owners, so they began to offer popcorn inside the theaters. It was said that when they started popping fresh popcorn you could smell it from blocks away, which appealed to the sense of smell and then the sense of taste when people ate the popcorn.

Something so simple as that worked! People began to flock back to the movie theaters to get away and enjoy themselves with their families. So the tradition began, whether we're at home or in the theater there is almost always someone who asks, "Where's the popcorn?"

How about trying a 1930's movie for your next movie night?
Here are some ideas...
It Happened One Night 1934
The Awful Truth 1937
The Mad Miss Manton 1938
Nancy Drew Detective 1938
Vivacious Lady 1938
A Slight Case of Murder 1938
Nancy Drew Reporter 1939
Midnight 1939

Sincerely, Vera

September 6, 2012

Ticket to the Twenties Sewing Challenge

Hello and happy September! We're ending the first week of this month with a sewing challenge! These are also the spoils from our 1hr speed shopping at Michael Levines!

The Project: 3 1920's dresses
The Deadline: September 14th 2012
The Patterns: Burda 8072, Vogue 8811, Vouge 8020
Fabric & Embellishments: pink and white striped cotton blend, pink satin ribbon, floral shear and light blue stretch cotton, pink paisley cotton, ivory grossgrain ribbon

Obviously none of the patterns we are using are 1920's or 1920's repros, the goal here is to create a 20's look with modern supplies. Like with any outfit its all about hair, make-up and accessories, this is what will really complete our look.

 Dress One-
When I saw this fabric it reminded me of a dress someone was wearing last year at the 20's festival, so we had to get it! And nothing beats a $1 a yard!
We are going to use view A minus the pocket flaps and add a ribbion sash around the waist.

Dress Two- 
At first I was reluctant to get either of these fabrics, they reminded me of a baby's room, but after draping the fabric on Viola to see if we could envision a dress, I had a change of tune, surprisingly it looked cute . Hopefully it will turn out the way we envision. And each of these were only $1.00 (floral sheer) and a $1.50 (stretchy cotton) a yard!

I know what you're thinking, why is she using a 40's repro pattern for a 1920's dress? Dont worry I have some tricks up my sleeve!

Dress Three-
I loved this fabric the moment I saw it. It has a great feel and sheen to it that you can't see in the photo. We didn't strike out for this one, it was $6.00 a yard which still isn't too shabby!
For this dress we're planning on going off of view D, we'll shorten it and have a sash insted of a roset.

Can't wait to sew these up and post the results!
Sincerely, Vera

September 1, 2012

Michael Levine Fabric Shopping

 Hi Everyone,
The girls and I are eagerly awaiting the up-coming twenties festival and realized that we need to put some pep in our step if we are going to make our outfits. We could have gone to our local craft/fabric store but this is a specific occasion. This called for the Fabric District in LA. On every corner you see a sale sign on fabric, lace, ribbon, etc. This is not an area for the faint of heart-it can be truly overwhelming or like me, you are a kid in the candy store and will spend your entire budget on fabric.

 For this trip we decided to visit our favorite store, Michael Levine, Inc Retail Outlet and Fabric Mega Store  920 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90015. This store even has a calendar of specials for the month and a $1.00, $1.50 mark down section. So we decided we to park in the lot next door that validates for one hour if you spend $20 in the store. Could we go in find great fabric for our twenties festival at great deals all in one hour? Are we crazy?!

  We looked at the selection and immediately found great prints but not necessarily prints for 1920s frocks. Keep looking girls, we are already in 15min on the clock.!

50% off 12.00 yard.

$1yrd, $1.50 yard section Vera, can you find anything that is frock worthy?

Very cool prints (laminated fabric)

These could make a cute lunch bag....wait, stay focused we only have 20min left.

We found them (with 10 min to spare), gave them to the girl to cut and payed. We were done!

Mission accomplished! Great Deals and Free parking all in 1hr. It can be done!