April 23, 2013

A Face of the 60's- Colleen Corby

Nearly everyone is familiar with Twiggy, the famous British teen fashion model of the 60's. But what about Colleen Corby? If you haven't heard her name you will no doubt recognize her face. Colleen Corby had dark brown hair and green eyes, she fit in well with other models but could also stand alone. 

Before I started the blog I didn't know who Colleen Corby was. While pinning on pinterest I started to recognize this girl reoccurring in many 1960's ads and magazine covers, it turns out this girl was Colleen Corby.
This Pennsylvania native started her modeling career at only eleven years old in 1959. Corby was signed up with one of the best modeling agencies of the time, Eileen Ford. After her fist appearance on a Girl Scout Equipment catalog she began to slowly build speed booking many modeling jobs. Although she tried to make it at acting, by the time the 1960's were in full swing she had a career as a model.
She appeared in magazines, catalogs and TV. commercials becoming a national face. Colleenwas closely associated with Seventeen magazine, appearing on 15 covers in the 1960s (five times in 1964 alone) and in the magazine's fashion spreads almost every month! This decade proved to be her peak.
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  1. This girl was my idol growing up....I so wanted to be her. i knew her name back then but had forgotten it over the years. thanks for the wonderful memories!

  2. Do you subscribe to any other websites about this? I'm struggling to find other reputable sources like yourself

    why dapa