April 15, 2013

Vera's Mod Mondays- GoGo Green

Woo! This is the third Mod Monday! There was a glitch and this wasn't posted yesterday--oh well. Besides that, it's very nice to be back on track with blogging lately, I hope everyone is enjoy it as well.
What is really cool to me about the mod side of the 1960's is the extremely simple lines of dresses.  Basic A-lines and streamlined shifts composed the hip scene. Instead of intricately-made clothes, impact was created with bold prints, colors, accessories and make up. 
...Modeling also took a bit of a turn. New methods of posing were more rigid and "unflattering" intended to elongate the thin young model. Making everything bold, young and fresh was the mode-completely opposite of the trends that existed 10 years prior.       
Viola and I had fun messing around with poses
 I've found that it's really quite simple to create a "mod" look with modern clothes, all you need to focus on is the lines of the garment and the accessories. Like with anything the first step is knowing what you are looking for. I think the best way to get a really accurate mod look is to look at photos from the decade to draw your inspiration. Simple lines, shifts and A-line shapes skirts and dress achieve the look, either in a classic bold color or a large geometric pattern. Flat boots are always a stellar option but flats also work too!  


dress: JCPenney's boots: JCPenney's bracelet: Estate Sale sunglasses: 99 cent Only Store

Have a great week & thanks for reading!
Sincerely, Vera

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