April 8, 2013

Vera's Mod Mondays-Groovy Chick & Hey Doll!

Hello everyone! To include in todays Mod Monday post I wanted to mention Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine! The gals over at Va-Voom Vintage and Bunny's Victory  are the creators of this great idea! Their magazine sticks to authentic info on ALL things retro, from baking to fashion. They've already completed two issues and the third is on its way. Dolled Up, is a spread that is in each issue, this is where the reader can send in their looks. For the April magazine we were supposed to channel a 60s vibe inspired by Mad Men. I submitted a photo! They should be posting the new issue soon, I'm very excited to see if I made the cut!

 These are the pictures from the "Dolled Up" photo shoot we did

dress: vintage 1960's- thrifted  sunglasses: Giant Vintage scarf: from a friend earrings: vintage-from a friend shoes: Payless 
this is the photo I submitted
 While vintage hunting in West Hollywood we found this 60's black and white polyester dress with a bright floral polyester scarf (which I'm not wearing), I was reluctant to get the dress thinking it might look clownish. But the with urging of our friend and Viola we bought the dress which was very reasonably priced. It hung in our closet for some months Viola tried to wear it on number of occasions but didn't feel comfortable with the length, it was too short. So naturally the dress got passed down to me being the shortest out of the three. This was the debut of the dress and I love it! The contrasting collar and cuffs are too cool and I never miss a chance to wear cuff links!

Peace and love!
Sincerely, Vera 


  1. What a stellar 60s frock. I love the length and degree of swing to the skirt, and of course the perpetually chic black and white colour combo. Fear not, there is absolutely, positively nothing "clownish" or costume-y about this wonderful frock at all. It's stylish, fun and looks completely wonderful on you.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much! You are very sweet.