August 8, 2012

Stars and Swimsuits!

Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a good week, and those who live in hot places are staying cool! It's been very hot in our area lately which makes me think of the beach and swimming pools, and what do you need to go to the beach or swim in a pool- a swim suit! I'm sure a lot of you would agree that vintage swim suits don't really compare to the suits we see today. I would definitely rather wear a retro inspired suit than the modern styles that are sold in stores. There is some sort of class that accompanies the gal that wears a retro suit. They also seem more flattering and forgiving than swimwear of today.
Enjoy these lovely photos of these lovely stars in their lovely suits!

Esther Williams

Claudette Colbert

Jeanine Crain

Joan Fontaine

Ann Rutherford

Elizabeth Taylor

Sincerely, Vera

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  1. I love all those vintage suits! I want all of them!