August 24, 2012

What Would Marilyn Wear?

 Many simulate the looks of the stars today but there is something that is appealing about the fashions of the stars of the past. When watching old movies as a little kid I always payed attention to the wardrobe. The endless styles and trends of the costumes in movieland over the decades have inspired all. Gaining this plentiful amount of inspiration from those stars' effortless looks makes me want to draw from their fashions for my own style.

Marilyn Monroe (800x600 - 64 KB)
Although it's not vintage Polyvore is quite fun, you can create retro looks with the modern clothes provided. I try to create outfits that they might have worn, but for places and events that I go to in my life. What would Grace Kelly wear to a picnic or what would Rita Hayworth wear to the beach? If you try to create looks from that avenue you might to be able to create looks that you would want to wear that are inspired by your favorite fashion icons.
Marilyn Monroe Glam
I've never been a HUGE fan of Marilyn Monroe, but she is definitely worth mentioning. In looking at pictures of her I noticed she can be very versatile in her own way. I choose her because she is one of the stars of the month on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This outfit isn't really that practical but it is pretty. If you find your self at a very formal dinner party or the Oscars (if you have really swanky friends) this costume will be showing that you're channeling your inner Marilyn.  

Hope you enjoyed this segment, there will be more like it to come!
Sincerely, Vera

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  1. i love the outfit that was put together on polyvore!