May 16, 2013

"Welcome to Cloth World"- Our Mega Vintage Pattern Find

Cloth World Fabric Store via Brentwoodlane

Vintage Patterns Brentwood Lane
This month, we inherited some awesome vintage patterns. This is what happens when a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend is getting rid of her grandma's patterns! We were super excited to look through all of them and get them cataloged. I even started to sew up one of them!
Vintage Patterns Brentwood Lane
Each box was stuffed full of them! We still haven't counted yet...
Vintage Patterns in Cloth World Boxes Brentwood Lane
 The majority of them are from the 1960s, a handful from the 1950s and the rest 1970s-80s, with the exception of the Hollywood Pattern. I was suprised to find one of our favorite stars on our first Hollywood Pattern--Olivia deHavilland!
Hollywood Pattern 1759 Olivia deHavilland Brentwood Lane

Butterick 9299 via Brentwood Lane

Simplicity 5998 via Brentwood Lane

Simplicity 3950 via Brentwood Lane
I have heard similar stories in the blog world about others getting a huge amount at one time, but I never thought it would happen to us! I think pattern lovers have dreams that they come across someone's lifetime collection and it becomes theirs-whether at an estate sale, flea market, as a gift, or rescued before getting trash.
What are some of your unbelievably great finds?

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  1. Oh my word...I actually gasped aloud when I saw that gigantic treasure trove of patterns. How incredible to know the kind of people who are happy to share such a bevy of their grandmas' patterns with you. I really like the ones you highlighted here, especially the puffed sleeved Hollywood dress one.

    I've never had any kind of windfall even remotely close to this happen on the vintage front (pattern or otherwise) - but I'll certainly let you know if I ever do.

    ♥ Jessica