June 6, 2013

TCM Film Festival 2013- Day 1:The Great Escape

Grauman's Chinese Theater Interior
For all you classic movie fans, listen up! Turner Classic Movies has been hosting a 3 day film festival for the past four years--showing many movies in theaters located in the heart of Hollywood. Some films have been restored, others realeased in original 1950s 3D, and some dusted off from the vault shown to the public for the first time since their original release.

Having missed the festival last year, the girls and I were excited to catch it this time around. We were able to go and see The Great Escape (1963) on Friday, Starring Steve McQueen, James Garner, and James Coburn.
Played in the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, it provided a fabulous vintage backdrop. It was also exciting because we had never been inside before! Viv took some snapshots of the interior of the theater and outside of it amidst the crowds and character impersonators on the iconic Hollywood Blvd. Ben Mankiewicz talked to the film's producer Walter Mirisch before the film began, setting the premise for the film. Over all, it was a fun experience!
Grauman's Chinese Theater Interior Decor
Inside the theater above the screen

Grauman's Chinese Theater Interior Decor
Decor of the lobby

Grauman's Chinese Theater Lobby Interior Decor
Lobby Lighting

Grauman's Chinese Theater Lobby Interior
Close-Up of the lobby carpet

Grauman's Chinese Theater Interior Decor
Wall art in the lobby
Down the stairs to the Women's bathroom
Grauman's Chinese Theater Bathroom Interior
Women's Sitting Room

Grauman's Chinese Theater Interior
Even the heating vents stick to the theme!

Its been a few weeks since we've attended but we can't wait for next year! We also atttended Sunday, but we'll share that day in another post. Long live the classics!
Chinese Theater Hollywood via Brentwood Lane
Roosevelt Hotel Sign Hollywood via Brentwood Lane
The location of the after-party across the street


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  1. So beautiful! Thanks for the pictures of the interiors - I don't think I've ever seen the insides, but they're as amazing as the exterior.