October 22, 2012

Vintage Find-"You can be sure if it's a Westinghouse"

Last month we found this cool Westinghouse radio along with some other odds and ends at an estate sale we happened to stop by. This is the first vintage radio we have ever owned (besides some 80's and 90's radios from when we were kids which I don't consider vintage)!

The Westinghouse Company was founded in 1886 by American born George Westinghouse. His company advanced in technology through the years (on things far bigger than radios) they were responsible for the first U.S utility generator, continuous-filament light bulb and an all-electric range kitchen! In 1921 the factory built its first radio receivers for home use and later in 1954 "You can be sure..if its a Westinghouse" became their national slogan.

Ours is from the 50's, it still works too! Even though it's only an AM radio we still love it. Its so cool and looks great as a table piece.

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Sincerely, Vera

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