October 11, 2012

Tips for Style- How to Steal a Million

How to Steal a Million takes place in Paris, one of the  fashion capitals of the world! The comedy carried through out the film makes it quite enjoyable, as does the wardrobe. The clothes Miss Hepburn wears in this movie are very monochromatic, and created with very little effort. Everything is simple sleek and put together not lacking in style.The monochromatic look really comes to life in How to Steal a Million, showing that wearing all one color, if done right, isn't at all boring!



I really like these accessories from the movie. By combining classic elements with very hip and current styles from the time they create Audrey's streamlined look. The  short gloves, small structured bag, printed/ textured tights, big sunglasses, low heeled shoes, and sometimes a hat, are all stylish and practical, perfect for winter and fall!

How to Steal a Million Accessories

Create the Look

For this look I picked three colors to repeat in the outfit, black, orange and white. Everything coordinates, is a solid color and there are no prints. A basic bag, dress and simple accessories such as the hat and watch all match to finish off the look.

Audrey Hepburn- How to Steal a Million


I'm not some one who is super girly, but I do love make-up. It is really an art and an excellent way to express yourself. This movie is from the 60's and the make-up clearly reflects that. Mate pink lips and black eyeliner is a common thread in both looks.  
I think we'll definitely do a make-up tutorial on this look in the near future.

The Make-Up Bag

1960's Audrey Hepburn Make-Up

To see all her looks, I recommend watching the film.

Have a good weekend!
Sincerely, Vera


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  2. Thanks! We try to make things interesting :)