January 17, 2017

Desert Diaries- Twentynine Palms


Nothing seems to capture my attention, entertain my imagination and bring me more excitement than the wonders of nature. Many seem to look past the dry landscape, but I can't help to notice every beautiful thing. There's something special about the desert. I feel at home.

All you have to do is head two hours away from the city to get lost in nature. Simple things often bring the most joy. Two days with my best buddies soaking in the desert- now that's what I call a priceless getaway!

The 29 Palms Inn is a botanical gem, located directly on the naturally occurring Oasis of Mara- a rare phenomenon in the desert. A quaint place to stay, located minutes away from the Oasis of Mara Entrance and Visitor Centre of Joshua Tree NP.

Nearly 180 types of birds have been documented on these grounds so grab your binoculars and try your hand at some bird watching! Home to a Creative Center & Art Gallery showcasing local artists, regular tours of the Oasis and surrounding properties on Saturday and Sunday mornings make for relaxed weekends. Next time we'll make sure to come when the gallery is open and the tours available.


           Sunday 11:00am What a day for park exploring- two hikes, picnic lunch, and sunset at Keys View!

8:00pm After a casual dinner it was nice to wind down in our room listening to the live music being played downstairs by our window. I am always a fan of late 60’s jams.


Monday 8:00am  We were itching to go back to the park to get at least one more hike under our belt. The next morning we woke up early to sneak back into the park. Along the way we were able to see remnants of desert life. It was a euphoric morning.


2:00pm After a quick bite then off we went to Noah's Art site an outdoor museum. You can clearly see deep messages of pain and injustice portrayed by the artist through reclaimed objects.


4:00pm We rolled through the hills to Pioneertown. The town was still and quiet, we explored  and chatted with some shop owners. Thursday-Sunday are the busy days to visit, with high-energy reenactments of western life with real cowboys on the weekends!

4:30pm We enjoyed the fiery orange sunset against the western backdrop, finishing off the trip. Till next time…  



  1. Vera, my name is Angie Knowles and I am writing to ask permission to use a photo from your blog. It is a photo of a Cloth World logo. I am doing a presentation about my path to becoming a textile artist and would like to use it. My first job was at Cloth World and I would like to include this picture in my presentation.

    Thanks for your consideration.


  2. I am so sorry for the delay! Yes you may use the photo for your presentation. It was very kind of you to ask permission.