November 18, 2016

REVIEW|| LA Events- Ticket to the Twenties

vintage 1920s style

We've attended this event nearly every year and think its the bees knees!

Once a year (Usually Sept/Oct)
3pm-7pm Sat & Sun

Live Music
Fashion Show by Art Deco Society
Film Screenings with live musical accompaniment

We've attended this event nearly every year and think its the bees knees!
Green trees and a small pond begin to paint the picture as you walk up to the festival. You can hear 20's style music from a distance. Enjoy a quaint variety of food trucks and booths selling vintage goodies! Aspects of 20's life are presented-- fashion, entertainment and transportation--all with the back drop of Los Angeles history. There's no better way to describe what the Homestead Museum is about than this excerpt from their website "it's a place to explore the history of the Los Angeles region from 1830 to 1930, in hopes of better understanding the past and people's ability to shape history."


Take advantage of this free event and receive a complimentary Homestead tour by a docent.

Use this time to dress up in your 1920’s best! Think out of the box-instead of going with the fringed dress costume, get inspiration from day/evening wear of Downton Abbey, The Great Gatsby or 20's silent films.

Grab a dessert! Food trucks offering cream puffs and ice cream frequent this event.

Make sure to catch the fashion show put on by the Art Deco Society.

Learn jazzy dance moves from the Hollywood Hotshots.


Don't be late! Arrive on time to get a parking space and enjoy all the festivities!

Don't forget your camera! These grounds can be very photogenic!

Don't miss out on the film screenings. Head to the information table first to get your film tickets and your event sticker.

Don't get distracted. Explore the grounds--there's more to discover!  

Don't miss the weather report!  It's usually warm on the days of the festival.


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