October 10, 2016

Clothes v. Vera

I knew when I took on the "10 item wardrobe" challenge it would be difficult...

For me getting dressed is an opportunity to express myself. A time for creativity and expression. When life gets too busy for sewing, drawing or music, I can still express my creativity through my clothes. It might sound weird but that has been a comfort to me. So when my clothes were frustrating me I wanted to do something about it!

Although the 10 item wardrobe method didn't work for me, I learned something. I was trying to push my self in a direction that didn't fit my lifestyle. I don't like to use the word "busy" to describe myself but most of us are. Working, blogging, running my Etsy shop and taking classes on the side all while trying to being a spontaneous and carefree twenty-something-year-old doesn't work out too well. I realized I'm an oxymoron. Being in a groovy 60's dress brings me more joy than it probably should, yet, most days I just want to throw on a graphic tee shirt and bell bottoms.

although I'm all for not conforming into a mold- I still needed to think of what clothing would be appropriate for my workplace, class, recreation etc..

It's me against my clothes. I'll admit it seems a bit ridiculous spending so much time trying to figure this out- but I confidently feel that if I am able to pinpoint what will work best for me I can have a simple functional closet that will fit my needs!

Lets do this!

Stay tuned for the next post! I will be sharing my new method for organizing clothes, I'm going to call it the Vera Method.


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