January 21, 2013

Nifty Finds of 2012

Hello everyone! 
 2012 seemed to come and go so fast! Looking back at our finds from vintage hunting, we've gathered up a few to share with you.

I was so excited when we found this Samsonite suitcase. The outside is in excellent condition and definitely still usable. The blanket has come in handy so many times! It is a great picnic blanket, throw, and  perfect to use in the car. At only $1, we are now going to keep our eyes open to things we usually don't gravitate towards...



Viv was so excited when Viola came home with the Pan-Am cards!

  1. Vintage brown suitcase- side of the road 
  2. Vintage Nordstrom scarf- vintage shop 
  3. Vintage geometric scarf- thrift store
  4. Burgundy faux crocodile bag- Goodwill in AZ 
  5. Vintage decks of cards, (Pan-Am, Western Airlines, Continental Airlines)- thrift store
  6. Handful of mystery books- 25 cents at our local library
  7. Vintage text books- estate sale
  8. Vintage Oscar de la Renta scarf- vintage store 
  9. Vintage white suede gloves- clothing swap
  10. Vintage striped clutch- thrift store
  11. Vintage plaid blanket- thrift store
What is your favorite find of 2012?
Sincerely, Vera

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