June 15, 2016

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Sound of Music

The sound of music, where do we start? A favorite of many, with practically a cult following, the Sound of Music manages to tell an entertaining story in a dark period in history.
Today, I will be sharing some little-known tidbits about the famous Alpine sing-along. (Unless you are a hard-core SOM fan, you probably know these already)

1. Edelweiss is not a real folk song. I know, I'm sorry. Good old Hollywood has to put in their two cents about what Capt. Von Trapp should sing about. And in this case it was the Edelweiss flower. Check out what it looks like!

2. Christopher Plummer disliked being in the movie. He is very open about his feelings for the "gooey" script.

3. Nicholas Hammond who played Freidrich later played Spider-Man on T.V.  in 1977. Woah!

4. The gazebo was in someone's back yard. So the estate that housed the iconic gazebo was so fed up with tourists climbing their walls and harassing them with pictures that they had it moved so people could admire it away from their estate.

5. Maria Von Trapp was not invited to the movie premier. Ouch! In her memoir, she says that when she asked the producer if she could come he said all of the tickets were sold out.

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