April 20, 2015

REVIEW SF Vintage Shops- Pretty Penny & Haight Ashbury

I'd like to start off this post by saying that I am not a San Francisco native and I've only been to the Bay Area twice. But while I was there in March, these were the two places that stood out to me as great places to find vintage at affordable prices. I'm sure there are many more! 

SF Vintage Shops Review|brentwoodlane.blogspot.com
at the Mission District store
1.) Pretty Penny Clothing
Oakland & Mission District (SF)
Open from 11am-7pm 7 days a week
1930's- Contemporary
Buys Clothing
*NOTE* I noticed on Yelp Oakland store is $$ and the SF store is $
They have a great collection of vintage clothing mostly from the 1950s-1970s. I enjoyed their nice selection of dresses and unique pieces. The causal atmosphere makes it pleasant to shop. You don't have people hounding you to buy something. The prices are reasonable, especially for being in San Francisco. To get the vibe of their shop be sure to check them out on Instagram @prettypennyclothing

The San Francisco store is small and I had a hard time finding something that would fit- it was either too small or too big. The gal that worked there said they tend to carry more causal clothing compared to the Oakland store.  

SF Vintage Shops Review|brentwoodlane.blogspot.com
Snapshot of the area
 2.) Goodwill
Goodwill  Haight-Ashbury
Accepts Credit Cards
Modern & Vintage
I know what you're thinking "Goodwill is a thrift shop, not a vintage store" and I would agree with you. But this Goodwill is awesome! I was a little disheartened after going into some vintage stores on Haight Street and finding everything too expensive for my budget. So we sauntered into Goodwill, and they had a nice selection of vintage clothing 1960's-1980's. I bought three 60's dress, a 60's top and a colorful tunic. My sister bought a blouse and a dress- both red!
Although this shop was dramatically cheaper than the vintage stores in Haight-Ashbury it wasn't the usual Goodwill prices. Instead of $7.95 for a dress it was more like $13.95 or $16.95 which is still a decent in my book.
Are there some great vintage spots you've found while on vacation?
Feel free to share in the comments!
Thanks for reading lovelies!

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