March 29, 2013

Our 1-year Blogiversary!!--Inspirations & Thank You

I can't believe we totally forgot we started this blog last year on March 11th! We would like to thank all of our followers and those who have inspired us :)

Here are a few things that have inspired us this last blog-year:

Cute Outfit Posts By Andi B. Goode

Solanah's Awesome Vintage Luggage

Harlow's Fab Photos

Evie's Vintage Repro Sewing

Those were just a handfull of inspirations from last year. Hopefully you stay on the ride with us as we blog away about all things vintage.
--Viola :)
*Don't forget that Google is getting rid of their RSS feed reader July 1st*


  1. Aw, so glad I could be an inspiration! Your blog has been an inspiration to me as well. I love checking in and seeing what cute outfits you have been putting together!

  2. Happiest congrats on reaching this awesome blogging milestone! I always enjoy your great posts and can't wait to see what the second year (and beyond!) holds in store.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thank you gals :) I'm glad you enjoy them. We appreciate your supportive comments!