December 28, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise!

Hello everyone, sorry for disappearing ...

I must say this was a pleasant surprise we did not expect it! Evie over at La Coutuirere Dimanche has chosen us for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. You may recognize her from We Sew Retro-Thanks Evie!
The rules of the award are to thank who gave it to you, share 7 things about yourself, then nominate 10 other bloggers and let them know in a comment they have been nominated.
Here goes:
1. In Austria I went on a Sound of Music Tour!
  2. Would love to learn how to pattern draft
3. I wish I could dress someones kids vintage
4. I can't knit 
5. I don't drink coffee 
6. I find the coolest stuff on people curbs
7. I wear contacts
1. I have an obsession with vintage luggage and eyeglasses
2. I love to bake-especially desserts!
3. People mistake Vera and I as twins when we are together
4. I wrote a play when I was nine years old
5. I learned to sew 3 years ago
6. I don't know how to swing dance :( I'm going to make my friend teach me
7. I love finding vintage schoolbooks

1. I'm a guitar nerd and I play a little too 
2. I own over ten polyester shirts (I'll probably post about it one of these days) 
3. I've never learned to sew in a zipper! (I don't know how that one slipped through the cracks)
4. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was ten
5. I often get mistaken for the middle sister instead of the youngest
6. I LOVE the 1930's
7. I've always dreamed of learning to surf (I will one of these days)

After searching and debating, here are the 10 blogger nominees:

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  1. Oh wow this makes my day :) thanks dear V's!