July 31, 2012

Hello There!

Were back just like we promised! This is the first summer out blog has been up and were very excited to get this show on the road. As you've read in the Welcome to Brentwood Lane section on the side we are three sister's who LOVE vintage things. We all really appreciate the history craft and skill that went into the many vintage things that we find today (read more about us on the About Us page). What type of posts should you expect? Sewed creations, outfit posts, thrift store finds, interesting tutorials, vintage beauty tips, ideas on how to decorate your home and brief history on random vintage topics. Feel free to tell us what you like best! Hope you enjoy the ride as we strive to create the ultimate vintage resource for fashion, beauty, decor, food, and history! Comment, put reactions to our posts and take our polls, we appreciate your feedback, as we become better bloggers.
--Viv, Viola, Vera

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